About Me

My Story

I've known since a very early age that I was able to communicate  with most animals in a unique way. 

    My passion is and always has been horses and with my God given gift,I'm able to help troubled horses heal their hearts and souls.

How I Work

I offer a complimentary 15 minute meet and greet where you and I and your horse can get to know each other and determine if we can work together. 

    I'm a firm believer in the wise words "The Horse Knows,He knows if you know,He Knows if you don't know." 

   Many of you may recognize me from local horse shows as an equine photographer better known as Hy-Horse Photography "Essence of the Equine",yep,that's me as well. In working a full time job in the retail world for the last decade,it didn't leave me much time to pursue my interests in the horse world but with a twist of fate in my life circumstances,I now have a chance to pursue my equine interests full time.

     These days I still much prefer to be behind the lens and I'm blessed to have had divine intervention lead me down this path with horses. I learned from capturing still 

moments of horses,that I was able to see into their hearts and souls and if I could do that,maybe I could help them with the troubles that the weight of the world has put on them. 

Heart To Heart

If you have a troubled horse please contact me. I'm always willing to try to help.